Metal Filter elements

Filter elements for a wide variety of industrial uses

Metal filter elements are a crucial link in the filtration process. These elements, made of metal, can be combined with various types of filtration materials such as wire mesh, perforated plates, slotted screens, and more.

Our team works closely with the customer, both for existing models and for unique, custom-designed installations. We manufacture based on a drawing, sketch, or existing model.

Our Expertise:

We offer advanced solutions for the metal industry, mining, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, petrochemical industry, and the food industry. Regardless of the brand or machine manufacturer, we work with you to ensure the most effective and efficient filtering.

Product Range:

Our range includes:

  • Drum sieves 
  • Vibrating sieves 
  • Y-strainers of Y-filters
  • Sieve baskets 
  • Conical filters
  • Filtercartridges
  • Sieve arch and special formed elements for pellet production 
  • Suction filters and koolwater filters 
  • Bespoke made sieves 



We manufacture most of our filters from high-quality stainless steel (SS), primarily in grades 304 and 316. For specific applications, we also offer nickel alloys, Hastelloy, Monel, and Alloy 825. Additionally, options in mild steel, aluminum, copper, and brass are available.

Collaboration and Cusomization:

Collaborating with us means having a partner who listens to your specific needs. We not only offer standard solutions; we are also here for complex, custom-built installations. Our goal is to provide a filtration solution that fits perfectly with your production process.

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