The Story of Omnimesh

Manufacturer of Metal Mesh Since 1878

A fascinating journey of generations, innovation, and expertise has brought Omnimesh to where it stands today.

In 1878, the seed of this company was planted by the De Coster family.

Originally known as ‘Usines De Coster’, it grew into a well-known name during the era of Belgian Congo. The production of mosquito netting was very important, and the netting was shipped in full containers. A single engine and dozens of looms worked in shifts to meet the demand.

Over time, especially with the rise of synthetic mosquito netting, new challenges had to be found.

Usines De Coster needed to evolve to stay relevant, a process that did not always go smoothly.

In the 1990s, the company left the family’s hands for the first time and underwent a transformation into ‘De Coster Manufacturing’. It remained located at the Nijverheidskaai in Sint-Amandsberg.

In 2003, the new owners took over the company: Engineer Johan Verbeken and business psychologist Gigi Van den Borre.

This shift brought not only a new vision but also a new location. The industrial building in Lokeren was constructed to accommodate Omnimesh’s growth. Along with this move came a new name, and thus the company was renamed to the current Omnimesh.

With the knowledge of past decades in its back pocket, Omnimesh embraced the opportunities of modern times. The company expanded its offerings into three categories: metal mesh and grids, industrial filters made from this mesh, and architectural products that play a role in contemporary architecture.

It is a story of continuous growth, adaptation, and dedication to quality and innovation.

Omnimesh remains true to its heritage while still looking to the future.

Oude fabriek
Schud en trilzeven herbespannen door OmniMesh
Gebouw OmniMesh

Today, within Omnimesh, we form a close-knit team, all with the same dedication and vision. Our corporate values are our guiding principles, deeply rooted in our DNA.

As part of our growth, we have rebranded our architectural department.

Starting in 2023, this department will continue under the name N2Mesh. Curious? Take a look at the new site:

We approach every order and every task with great care and dedication.

We are at our best when we can work closely with you.

The engineers in our team and our in-house production allow us to be flexible and reliable.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Team Omnimesh

Ons Klantencontactteam

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Johan Verbeken


Hei,ik ben Ing. Johan Verbeken, de CEO van Omnimesh. Contacteer me rechtstreeks via mail.
Door mijn ervaring en interesse in alles van technologie neem ik ook de rol op van CTO. 
Gedreven door enthousiasme, vakkennis en innovatie, zet ik me elke dag volledig in om jouw specifieke uitdagingen en aanvragen te bekijken en aan te pakken.
Je kan bij mij terecht voor: specifieke en moeilijkere vragen voor metalen filters en afschermingen, materiaalkennis en om jouw project te leiden.

Wim Planckaert

Technical Advisor & Sales Engineer

Voor al uw vragen en projecten zet ik me graag in en bekijk ik met kennis wat er voor u kan uitgewerkt worden. Onze producten kunnen aangewend worden voor 1001 toepassingen. Op maat berekend zoek ik graag voor u de beste oplossing.

Je kan bij mij dus terecht voor alle vragen omtrent zeefgaas, filterelementen, zeefbespanningen,.. Dit van A(luminium) tot Z(ink)!

Wout Vandenberghe

Project Engineer

Hey jij daar,

Ik ben Ing. Wout Vandenberghe – Project Engineer
Voor alle kleine en grote projecten ondersteun ik de klant van de ideefase tot de finale uitwerking. Gestructureerd, gedreven en georganiseerd plan, teken en bouw ik mee aan jouw project. 
Ik hoor het graag hoe ik u kan helpen.

Tijl Smissaert

Operational Officer & Eerste Lijn Hulp


Ik ben Tijl Smissaert, Operational Officer en uw eerste lijn hulp.
Ons team en ik proberen voor een uitstekende klantservice te zorgen.

Voor al uw vragen in verband met offertes, orders, transport probeer ik u zo snel mogelijk antwoord te bezorgen of in contact te brengen met de juiste persoon.
OmniMesh Fabriek

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