Overview Metal Industrial Filters

Metal filterelemens

  • Metal Filterelements form a crucial component in screening installations, designed to ensure optimal separation of different components through their specific configuration and dimensions.
  • Manufacturer of:
    • ultrasonic sieve 
    • vibrating sieve
    • conical sieve
    • sieve/ sieving basket 
    • filtercartridge 
    • Y-strainer of Y-filter
    • drum sieve
    • centrifugal sieve
  • Precision and quality:

    Constructions with or without filter mesh, essential for filtering or separating components.

  • Customized to your needs:

    Developed based on your specific plans, sketches, or prototype models.

Sieving Cloths and Tension Screens

  • Sieving Cloths and Tension Screens are designed to separate materials based on size by using a tightly stretched sieve surface that vibrates or shakes, effectively sorting particles of different sizes. The tensioning is achieved through the pre-attached hooks.

  • Sustainable  Sieving Cloths: Ontworpen voor optimale prestaties, geschikt voor een breed scala aan toepassingen.
  • Tailored to your specifications 

Filtration discs 

  • Filtration discs are designed to filter solids from liquids or gases by passing them through fine mesh filter media, capturing particles and promoting clean flow.
  • Diverse materials: Made from materials such as stainless steel, 304, 316, suitable for various industrial needs.
  • Adjusted forms: Available in specific shapes such as round, square, kidney-shaped, oval, and other special shapes.

Slotted sieves 

  • Slot sieves are designed to efficiently separate liquids and very fine particles, with the slots precisely measured to allow the desired particle size to pass through while intercepting larger particles.
  • Efficient Filtration: These sieves are characterized by their conical, downward-widening shapes with triangular sieve profiles, which help to prevent minimal blockages.
  • Sustainability and  Optimal Filtration: Longer lifespan and a maximum open sieve surface, which is essential for optimal filtration performance.

Accessoires: Cleaning spheres for sieves 

  • Versatile Industrial Applicationel: These cleaning spheres are designed to keep the sieve free from blockages during sieving.
  • Adjustability and durability: Available in various materials such as natural rubber and polyurethane, and customizable in size for specific cleaning needs.

Accessoires: rubber molds for sieves 

  • Shock absorption and Vibration reduction: Rubber profiles are excellent at absorbing shocks and reducing vibrations.
  • Sealing and Protection: Rubber profiles offer excellent sealing capabilities. They are often used to prevent leaks or to protect sensitive parts of machines from dirt, dust, and other external influences.
  • Noise isolation: Rubber is also effective in sound insulation, which is useful in environments where noise can be an issue.